365.fintech, a startup investment platform launches as a core component of the 365 ecosystem

Supporting the Slovak startup scene and implementing new ideas and technology. Those are the main goals of 365.fintech which aims to invest 2 million euros of capital in its inception phase. The main focus of the investment platform will be financial services and big data startups.

Prior to launching its public beta, is introducing a startup investment platform 365.fintech. It is designed to support implementation of innovative technology and services from startups towards the bank’s ecosystem and at the same time support the startups in their further development and growth.

 „Our goal is to build up a complex ecosystem to meaningfully support startups in their business. Beginning from presenting challenges to igniting innovative early ideas, mentoring and financing to hands-on cooperation projects with startups. Besides these activities, we are working on cooperating with Tier 1 European ventures capital funds focused on financial services in a limited partnership investment model,“ said Andrej Zaťko, charmain of the 365.fintech supervisory board.

365.fintech will primarily focus on startups active in Slovakia and the broader CEE region. The cooperation models include direct investments, startup-friendly convertible loan financing and setting up the floor for testing, piloting and distributing startup products and services. Besides capital itself, startups will be able to access tailored advisory services. 365.fintech will further support innovation initiatives such hackathons and startup challenges.

Supporting startups is core part of our DNA. Our bank is being built from the ground up in cooperation with startups and we plan on continuing on this path. This is a win-win relationship for the bank, startups as well as our clients,“ added Marek Šupa, CEO of

365.fintech and are the initial building blocks of a nascent 3-pillar 365 ecosystem. The next integral component of the emergent ecosystem will be announced shortly.

About 365.fintech:
365.fintech is a CEE based investment platform focused on providing financing and support for early to scale-up stage technology startups focusing on innovative FinTech, InsurTech as well as Big Data startups with global aspirations. Besides financing, 365.fintech is uniquely positioned to enable its portfolio companies to develop, test and pilot their products and services in a live regulated setting.

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